Alternative Maniax Show #48

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Last year, we had introduced the story of the ZAD (Zone to defend) and we had a guest talking about the occupation lifestyle there. They were expecting an eviction wave already at this time.

The ZAD is a huge Land with many water beds, a forest, some fields around and a very rich wild life. It’s been 40 years since the first proposal about an aiport construction plan has been thrown and so it’s been 40 years that inhabitants and locals are refusing to sell out their piece of land and leave.
Since about 5 years ago, nature lovers, travellers, passengers from around the world started to come and occupy the lands to support the locals and defend this beautiful natural site.

For many years then until the first wave of eviction in October 2012, people have been living there, building small houses, tree houses, clay houses, organising a communal garden, giant clay oven, outdoor shower, living peacefully on this loved and cherished land.
On this last October 2012, the local police started a massive eviction operation, destroying all the existed houses and fragile shelters, beating up  the people sometimes to get them out of their houses, cutting the trees to get down the tree-houses cause they would be lazy to climb …





“The ZAD (Zone A Défendre) is a 4,000 acres of occupied land conveniently located where
the state and multinational building company vinci plan to make an
airport. for 40 years locals have been fighting the project, joined
by squatters in the last 5 years. cue countless actions and demos and
constructions, building a place where people strove to be autonomous,
with libraries, treehouse villages, a bakery, a farm, collective
gardens, a goat dairy etc, all horizontally organized.”

“Then in October, the military and riot police came and knocked it all
down. But they didn’t expect the resistance they got and had to
extend their initial planned operation by 3 weeks. It’s been almost 3 months
now that there is a daily military presence, and two people have gone
to prison so far, with hundreds wounded.

So there was a big demo and 40,000 people came to re-squat some new
land. Over 200 “collectives of support” were created and the
government proposed negotiations (which were refused by the people
involved). There was a zine made with just a listing of the
solidarity actions. And it’s quite strange because nobody had ever heard of it and
evictions were supposed to be the end and now instead of 100 living
there we are 500 and it’s on the national news and everyone is
scratching their heads.”

Extract from:

“Website of the ZAD occupation – where the future airport of Notre-Dame-des-Landes is planned to be.

The ZAD – to the developers it is the Zone d’Aménagement Différé’, the differed development zone and for us it’s a Zone À Défendre: a zone to be defended. Either way, it’s a part of the countryside close to Nantes in France, which according to the decision-makers should make way for an international airport.

Their construction project “Grand Ouest” is an economic platform of international importance stretching from Nantes to Saint-Nazaire, which will form a singular, huge metropolis. Fulfilling this project means taking over the sky, the sea and the land in replacing the current airport in Nantes with a new one at Notre-Dame-des-Landes, but also enlarging the port at Saint-Nazaire and constructing new roads and highways…

Our goals, in coming to live here on the proposed site of the airport, are many: to live on a protest site, where we can be close to those who’ve been opposing the project for 40 years and to have the power to act when construction happens; to make use of abandoned spaces to learn to live together, to cultivate the land and to be more autonomous from the capitalist system.”

Extract from the official The ZAD website:

What happened then ?

“17th November 2012 – Today marks the full-force reoccupation of an area known as the ZAD (zone à défendre – zone to defend) in Notre Dame des Landes, Brittany, France. In response to the brutal eviction and bulldozing of various farms, the disruption of livestock and tear-gas poisoning of vegetable gardens by riot police during the last week of October 2012, between 20,000 and 40,000 people are estimated to be on-site today. They are constructing cabins and cleaning up the land to get it ready to be inhabited once again.”


“Police are trying to protect the economic interests of the company Vinci. Vinci plans to build the aforementioned airport on acres of farmland and Rohanne forest, and is using an argument of “public utility” to try to evict inhabitants. The validity of the “public utility” argument is very questionable. Another airport, Nantes Atlantique, is located about 40 minutes away from the site. Nantes Atlantique receives top ratings for its great ability to serve the region. Even pilots based out of Nantes Atlantique are speaking out against the new airport project, saying it is unnecessary.”

“Past actions of protest have included a walking vegetable garden and clowns on luggage carts with airplane wings at Nantes Atlantique, a No-G20 solidarity camp on the ZAD in the summer of 2011, various bicycle/tractor mobilizations to regional political events, a 6-day bike/tractor/cow march to the senate in Paris, permanent vigils in government buildings in the immediate area, and now a large-scale reoccupation.

Here is an exclusive video from the airport protest in late July of 2011: Riot police negotiate with clowns, get sprayed with fire extinguishers.”


“Occupants are under heavy surveillance, and their children are at times blocked by police from being able to go to school. At the end of October and beginning of November many farms and houses were violently evicted and subsequently demolished. Battles raged between riot cops and locals. Tear gas was sprayed, projectiles were thrown, barricades were constructed and lit on fire and roads were blocked. The provocation was on the part of invading police forces, as the locals were only trying to defend their homes.”

“Vinci’s airport project at Notre Dame des Landes is purely profit-seeking. It is an unnecessary and environmentally-destructive venture that must be stopped. It is being met with the resistance it merits, and people are stepping up to show solidarity through their presence and through donations of building materials, food and clothing.  The people of Notre Dame des Landes are fighting to keep their homes and means of living.”

Extract from:


Tonight, the English/French documentary made about the ZAD will be played. Testimonies; description; why; how; fight; resistance; sparkles and LOADS of LOVE in the eyes of these fighters, defenders of the nature they cherish 😀

More Links and articles about it:

Music of course, independent as always 😀


Altenative Maniax #47: The Combe Haven Defenders

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So who are the Combe Haven Defenders? What is it that they are defending? What is happening there?
Well, it seems that a big road construction plan has been threatening the wildlife of the Combe Haven forest in Bexhill town…
But the locals and other nature lovers are not ready to surrender! They are ready to fight in their own ways and grab their chance to maybe save the place they love! Barricades, spikes, tunnels, sitting on top of the trees, all methods and strategies are welcome!

Check the official website for more legal and technical information:


“We are local people, determined to prevent the environmentally disastrous white-elephant that is the “Bexhill-Hastings Link Road” from devastating one of Hastings’ and Bexhill’s most amazing natural treasure. We demand an affordable, sustainable transport system for our area, that improves the quality of all our lives without costing the earth.”

MORE LINKS about the Combe Haven Forest:
New road protest
Combe Haven Defenders




The Protest

“After hearing the Combe Haven Defenders call for a halt to destructive road-building, Peter and Martin Poole discuss the effectiveness of protest.”

“We were there to support them and tell them why this valley is the most important heritage site in the UK with national and international importance. This is the line inthe sand for the road protest movement. If the road builders will not look at our evidence for a World Heritage Site they will build roads everywhere and nothing can stop them – find out how to here.”

“Environmental campaigners explain why they are protesting against the building of a link road between Bexhill and Hastings across the East Sussex countryside. The protesters secure themselves to tree houses, road obstacles and tunnels using locks and concrete before being evicted by police. The new £86m road will be more than three miles long.” By Laurence Topham

We will have a guest to talk about his own experience as a Combe Haven Defender and most generally to testimony on his alternative lifestyle choices

And for the MUSIC of tonight:

China Shop Bull



The Mohawk Lodge

Savannah (free download)


Slant current band w o logo

And many more!

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Altenative Maniax #46: About Dumpster Diving

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Here we go again, talking about getting food from the bins ah!
The common name for this activity is dumpster diving, known as “skipping” in the United Kingdom.


So how does it work? Why do people get dirty to get their food? Don’t they get sick? Are they desperate? What kind of people is doing it? Is it legal in their country? What kind of food or goods do you find?
(Found in a dumpster in Sweden, check it out here:

Well, this next show coming is going to give you some more informations about it.

Video documentary about Dumpster Diving:



Articles about Dumpster Diving:

What about the music tonight ? We got 2 new artists from the UK, plus the usual wicked underground playlist of exclusively independent musicians 😀
Have a look:

Lottie Day


The LockSmith


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Altenative Maniax #45: The new Anti-Squat Law in the UK is enacted

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So here it is folks! Down there you’ll find some information we could gathered about this new law.

Are you from those who going to rent?

Are you from those who going to create new strategy?

Are you from those who are going to keep it the same way? :

“The date the new anti-squatting law comes into force in English and Welsh law has been set for September 1st. The Advisory Service for Squatters (ASS) have issued a warning and a call to arms: “We are going to need to be more organised and look after each other better. We will need legal back-up available on the street, and people will need help moving quickly and storing their possessions. We need networks, linked up with others resisting evictions and attacks on housing rights.””

“The Eviction Resistance Network (ER) have emerged to counter to the new law and new enforcement techniques. They have already mobilised big numbers to resist several evictions, and their phone line is open 24/7.”

“Gung-ho policing means that the legal stuff is worth getting to grips with, as you’ll need the info on why your place is legal to shout at incoming police. The ambiguity of the law (e.g. residential squatting is illegal, non-residential legal) suggests that application of the law will be muddled, and cops are easily confused. Also worthwhile reading is the Code of Practice of High Court Enforcement Officers, which, amongst other stipulations, states they must act in a “professional, calm and dignified manner… with discretion and fairness” and not allow debtors to threaten violence.” :

A few days ago we reported that 5 individuals were, to our knowledge, the first to be arrested under the new law. Coincidently, it has also been revealed that proposals to make more emergency accommodation for homeless young people in Somerset have twice been turned down by planners. We understand the Squatters Legal Network are keen to support those arrested. Here’s more information  from the local press in Somerset:

Last Saturday, Police visited a squat in Chichester after the owner asked them to get the squatters out. It is reported that the squatters left of their own accord and no arrests were made. Local homeless charity Stonepillow was critical of the new legislation.” :

“London squatter first to be jailed

Man, 21, sentenced under new law to tackle crisis of invaded homes

Lost property: housing association flat in Pimlico where Alex Haigh (inset) was arrested by police for squatting (picture: Nigel Howard)

A London man aged 21 has become the first person to be jailed for squatting under a new law.

Alex Haigh pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 12 weeks after police found him at a property in Pimlico. He is now in Wormwood Scrubs”

“Housing charities and other campaigners claim that the reform — introduced after a spate of London cases in which squatters occupied and damaged homes — is unnecessary and will unfairly criminalise the homeless.”

“Squatting was not a criminal offence then so no complaint was made to police. The association added: “The police informed us of the arrest of these individuals at this property. Prior to these arrests, we had already begun taking action to seek their removal.”


On the 1st September the act of squatting in a residential building became a criminal offence under Section 144 of the Legal Aid, Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Act (LASPO). This unprecedented piece of legislation was enacted to a flurry of government statements claiming ‘justice’ and ‘protection’ for “hard-working homeowners” against the “misery of squatting”. At once both mimicking and feeding vitriolic media campaigns, Justice Minister Crispin Blunt claimed that “by making this change, we can slam shut the door on squatters once and for all”.

By Monday the 3rd September we saw police with battering rams in Brighton enforcing the law for the first time: forcibly evicting and arresting three people for the new crime of squatting. Since then the Squatters Legal Network (SLN) and Squatter’s Action for Secure Homes (SQUASH) have received news of 14 such arrests, whilst countless ‘known unknowns’ slip under the radar. The end result of a bankrupt parliamentary process and a biased media campaign, the criminalisation of squatting in residential properties epitomises the Coalition government’s privileging of private property rights over the needs of some of the most vulnerable in society.

The government’s repeated rhetorical focus on ‘homeowners’ is disingenuous to the point of being total rubbish. It has been a criminal offence to displace residential occupiers and intending occupiers from their homes through squatting since the Criminal Law Act of 1977 (Section 7). As the Law Society argued: “The current law is sufficient to protect homeowners, but is not understood by the public, the police, nor, it seems, politicians.” Misrepresentations of the facts by both ministers and the media provoked 160 legal experts to write an open letter debunking the myths driving forward the push to criminalise squatting, arguing that “inaccurate reporting of this issue has created fear for homeowners, confusion for the police and ill informed debate among both the public and politicians on reforming the law.”

This myth-peddling collided with the Coalition’s tendency to dismiss the mechanisms of representative democracy to create a thoroughly bankrupt parliamentary process. The government introduced the clause to criminalise squatting into the LASPO bill just three days before its final reading in the House of Commons, leaving no time for parliamentary scrutiny. This followed a consultation in which 96 percent of respondents were opposed to such action. All hearings in the House of Lords happened after 11pm at night. Up to 50,000 people were criminalised in a matter of months.

Once again, rather than acting on their professed commitment to a small state, the Coalition has enlarged the repressive arm of the state to protect private property rights. Acting under cover of protecting ‘homeowners’, the government have bolstered state sanction of one of the most anti-social manifestations of  property rights – the ‘right’ to keep properties empty. Such is the Coalition’s dedication to privatisation that they are extending it to empty space and abandoned buildings.

This is no small phenomenon: there are 930,000 empty properties in the UK. And their owners, most of whom do not intend to use these properties as their own housing but as a profitableinvestment, now possess what amounts to a state subsidy to ensure their buildings remain unused. By criminalising those using empty properties as shelter in times of need, the new law allows property owners to rely on the police to evict squatters, rather than bearing the costs themselves. Indeed, SQUASH’s research shows that the costs to the taxpayer of criminalising squatting could reach up to £790 million over the next five years, (including an increased housing benefit bill, policing and criminal justice system costs), wiping out expected savings made by all other aspects of the LASPO bill.

To extend this protection, the state has placed squatting directly under the police’s remit. By transferring squatting from civil to criminal law, the government have removed pre-emptive judicial scrutiny from the eviction process, empowering the police to make complex legal judgements beyond their capacity on the doorstep. This further exposes vulnerable tenants, people with license from owners to occupy a property, and those squatting in commercial rather than residential properties, to the risks of illegal eviction. Not to mention enhancing the toolkit of repressive legislation at the disposal of police targeting political activists, such as the pre-emptive raids during the royal wedding.

So who is affected by this change? Outside of government rhetoric, it is difficult to identify ‘squatters’ as a uniform (anti-)social group abstracted from the context of economic crisis. Research undertaken by homelessness charity Crisis found that 40 percent of single homeless people have relied on squatting as an alternative to street sleeping. This is not surprising once one undertakes even a cursory examination of the present housing crisis: private rental costs spiralling ever upwards, five million people already on social housing waiting lists, a 14 percent rise in official homelessness rates in the last year, and homelessness provision diminishing with each cut to local authorities and homelessness charities. Squatting is not simply a ‘lifestyle choice’, or an issue of squatters’ ‘personal morality’. As Crisis reported in September 2011: “The evidence suggests that the majority of squatters were sleeping rough immediately prior to squatting. Squatting, then, typically reflects a lack of other options, a scarcity of provision, and inadequate support and assistance to single homeless people.” Criminalising squatting is, therefore, nothing short of criminalising homelessness.

For example, the 14 people arrested under the new law so far include 5 young people, one aged 16, arrested for squatting a residential property in Somerset. These teenagers turned to squatting following the refusal of planning permission for a new YMCA providing beds for homeless youth in their town. Local residents had complained the YMCA would bring ‘anti-social behaviour’. In the early stages of this new law being enacted, these arrests represent exactly how blame is displaced onto the young homeless and away from the governments and communities who have abandoned them.

The government has criminalised these young people for attempting to house themselves in an abandoned building, whilst at the same time systematically dismantling the welfare and other safety nets, for example housing benefit for the under-25s, which might prevent them from living on the streets. The criminalisation of squatting in residential properties thus sits neatly within the Coalition’s broader attack on the survival mechanisms which attempt to guarantee some standard of living in a society shaped by rapidly narrowing access to the private accumulation of wealth.

This survival mechanism extends to those engaging in directly political activity, in arts and culture, in social work. Squatting provides a low-cost way to house oneself whilst undertaking non-profit making, and thus often not remunerated, activities fundamentally important for the rest of society. This is especially the case now, when economic crisis and youth unemployment has rendered those in their 20s the ‘lost generation’. Liberation from rent can open the way for liberation from having to sell one’s labour to capital – reclaiming control over one’s time and the ability to deploy it for good. Furthermore, trespass and occupation – the seizing of both physical and discursive space – are foundational tactics within political action. In occupying an empty building, overtly politicised squatters are often taking decisive action to oppose an unwanted development: from the demolition of council housing to the building of luxury accommodation that prices out a local community. The criminalisation of squatting in residential buildings thus threatens those undertaking political resistance in both these senses: as a means of taking action and as a means of reproducing our lives.

Further to this, squatting as an abstract idea contributes something incredibly important to wider society. Squatting keeps alive the idea that space and property is not simply the reserve of the wealthy, but preconditions of a dignified human life which we all deserve access to. When squatters occupy, look after and improve dilapidated properties in their local community they challenge the ideology that market forces will best direct the use of resources for the good of all. Squatting reveals that all too often, we are better are doing it ourselves. With criminalisation, the government have undertaken an ideological attempt to silence this contribution.
However, squatters will not be so easily silenced and many are already resisting. One line of defence is being taken by Irene Gardiner, mother of four who has squatted with her children in an abandoned cottage in Wales for 11 years. Gardiner is taking legal action to challenge the new legislation. Facing homelessness and criminalisation, Gardiner and her lawyers are arguing that by enacting the new law the police and CPS would breach Article 8 of the Human Rights Act, right to a personal and family life. Rosa Curling, part of Ms Gardiner’s legal team at Leigh Day & Co commented: “Many thousands of people choose to squat in unoccupied residential properties, they pay council tax and are members of their communities. They should not have to face the choice of criminal prosecution or losing their home.”

Owen from the Squatter’s Legal Network argues that resistance to the new law is playing itself out in multiple arenas: “There will be resistance through the courts, and we are organising to ensure that those evicted and arrested have good legal defences. But squatters aren’t going to take this lying down. We foresee that there will be an increase in people resisting eviction or defending themselves from raids by the police because for many their only choice is defending their homes or ending up on the streets.” Indeed, when most of those who squat are without an alternative but to continue squatting, and when the UK has almost 1 million empty properties, this is not the ‘end of squatting’. This is not merely because squatting in commercial properties is not yet a criminal offence. Far from having ‘slammed shut the door on squatting’, the government have opened up the potential for a resistance which will play itself out on the doorsteps of squatted properties up and down the country. Whilst the right to keep properties empty has been asserted as legislation, and as the eviction wave begins, we will see how far it becomes a reality on the streets.

Hannah Wilcox is a member of SQUASH and Squatter’s Legal Network.

So what about the different alternative and strategy that exist to fight this new situation in a constructive way?

In the next shows we hope to have some guests to testimony about their feelings or their personal live squatting experience under this new law.


Leave your comment!

Let’s now change subject, what about the music tonight, uh?

Acid Reign

Sarah Bear

Beans on Toast


Et voila!




Alternative Maniax Show #44: About Possible Alternative Solutions to the Anti-Squat Law that are coming in the UK and for the general housing crisis hapening everywhere in the world

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We had technical problems last Thursday and we couldn’t transmit the show On-Air so will do today! We talked for almost 2 hours, very interesting.

You can download the all interview at the bottom of that page if you wish.

Check the previous post for links and details about this anti-squat law coming in the UK and the general housing crisis.

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Alternative Maniax Show #43: About Possible Alternative Solutions to the Anti-Squat Law that are coming in the UK and for the general housing crisis hapening everywhere in the world

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Our special reporter is somehow part of the alternative scene and underground contemporary culture herself. So she obviously can meet a big diversity of people involved in what is our interest here 😀

She is been to an open music night called “Sunday Sound”. It is a nomad open mic and this night it was settled between the abandoned huge Heygate estates buildings. She said this night was wonderful and the place very original.

This picture shows exactly the place where the night was performed:

Check this link out if you like to know more about the story of this abandoned estate which has been sold now to developers:

There is an autonomous garden there with loads of place, and the stage was placed between the four big trees outside. Very magical!
That night, our reporter met Dory.

Dory is a former mortgage broker turned stand up comedian. She’s passionate about property development, design and architecture. On her third visit to London she met some squatters who hosted her for three weeks. It was there she wrote The Alternative to Squatting; A Property Development Proposal.

She feels the housing crisis can be solved and that there are enough empty buildings in London to house everyone.

She’s been in three documentary films on the subject of squatting. The most recent one will air on iTV in mid September

Our reporter and her exchanged ideas, thoughts, good feelings and agreed on sharing those ideas on a radio show right here with you guys 😀

Here is more link and quotes about this Anti Squat Law in the UK:

The amendment states that making squatting in residential building a criminal offence will “end the misery of home-owners whose properties have been preyed on by squatters”. However strong legislation already exists to protect residents from having their home squatted. Last month 160 leading legal figures wrote an open letter which was published in The Guardian explaining that under Section 7 of the Criminal Law Act 1977 it is already a criminal offence to squat someone’s home. 2

SQUASH spokesperson Paul Reynolds, said:

“ The governent is ignoring the results of its own consultation which shows that the criminalisation of squatting in empty residential properties will do nothing to protect residents who are already protected by strong legislation. This amendment will criminalise the homeless in the middle of a housing crisis who use squatting as the last remaining option to keep a roof over their heads.”

John Mcdonnell, MP for Hayes and Harlington said:

“By trying to sneak this amendment through the back door the government are attempting to bypass democracy. There were over 2,200 responses to the consultation on squatting so there is no way the government could have acknowledged all the evidence”.

  2. SQUASH were founded in the early 90′s; the last time the Tories tried to criminalise squatting. SQUASH re-formed in the face of the latest threat to squatting. There are 700,000 empty properties across the UK: From 2009 Empty Homes Figures: A new report done by Crisis highlights the link between squatting and homelessness: Photos can be used from the SQUASH Flickr page:

Click later on the link at the bottom of this post to download the show.If the link is not working, just leave us a quick email we will forward it to you!

The usual independent wicked music will be heard.

Here is a taste:


Savannah Pryor

Acid Reign



Alternative Maniax Show #42: Self-Healing Prana Breathing Technic Testimonies//Independent Music Only

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Hya Folks!

In some previous posts, our reporter was bringing up her testimony after having experienced a “Prana breathing” workshop in a festival.

“Pranayam” is the scientific way of absorption of oxygen and excretion of carbon -id-oxide.

The connection that the breath has to our physical, emotional, and spiritual health has been well recognized by healing traditions of both East and West.

Tonight she’ll bring up a little bit more of her experience with this technique. She tried it on the plane and on the train as well. What do you think it happened? Magic and mystery surely 😀

Here is some explicative links and useful tips about it (how to get rid of headache or period pain…):

We also have some new exclusive sounds to discover with you!


Les Bizbilles

Yussef and many wicked other ones!


*Time in the UK, check for your country 😀

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Alternative Maniax Show #41: Independent Music Only!

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Summer is here! YOUPI 😀

So hot today in London city, hope you enjoy the play list of tonight guys: it’s groovy, jumpy and it’s all independent!

Check this out:


Beans On Toast

The Jouby’s




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Alternative Maniax Show #40: Independent music

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Al right folks, tonight is music night with some more of the new sounds we received recently and the usual wicked independent play list!

Check it out:




Keny Arkana


And many other!

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Alternative Maniax show #39: Alternative Festival; alternative self healing technique and reincarnation

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Our exclusive reposrter and presenter went to a quite unconventional festival. She’ll bring up the report tonight! She is been to many workshop, discovering some technique related to spiritual development and self healing technique. Get some tips about it tonight.

Here is some interested link about the technique about self healing she experienced:

Here it is for the music:



Caravan Palace



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