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Alternative Maniax Show #44: About Possible Alternative Solutions to the Anti-Squat Law that are coming in the UK and for the general housing crisis hapening everywhere in the world

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We had technical problems last Thursday and we couldn’t transmit the show On-Air so will do today! We talked for almost 2 hours, very interesting.

You can download the all interview at the bottom of that page if you wish.

Check the previous post for links and details about this anti-squat law coming in the UK and the general housing crisis.

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Alternative Maniax Show # 38: Underground contemporary culture vocabulary

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Tonight we’ll review some definition taken from the underground world lifestyle culture: what is a Squat? An autonomous active space//Radical centre? A freegan person? Dumpster Diving?

Let’s refresh the old memories and introduce it to the virgin ears.

Here is a taste of the music of tonight:


Easily embarrassed



*UK TIME, check what time it’ll be in your country


Alternative Maniax Show #37

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We have a guest tonight folks! Marcia is coming to talk about her lifestyle: she is actually squatting in the UK, and she just bought a river boat! How did she get involved in those alternative residences?

And here is the independent discoveries of the week!

Sarah Bear




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Alternative Maniax Radio Show #25: To Squat, to occupy

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Hi everyone!

We have a testimony for you tonight: Peg use to squat and he’s also actually living in the ZAD, an autonomous active space in Nantes, France.

It’s been 40 years that the old and new residents are fighting against the airport project which is supposed to take place where so many people are living for so many years. They plan to evict people from their houses and lands. The resistance is still on. They call out for help by occupying and defend the place: the more people it will be the best it is! Just click on the link to their website for more information!

“The resistance is growing. Since Plane Stupid last visited the ZAD (Zone a Defendre – the proposed site of the airport), the number of occupied spaces has rocketed from one to about 16. In fact, no one seems entirely sure how many people are now living here, preparing for battle: all that is certain is that it is growing constantly and people are prepared to put up a big fight. Together with those set to lose their homes and land, activists from across France and the world have been taking over sites bought up by the council to make way for the airport, and transforming them into living examples of the world they want to live in. There’s a bakery, which turns out enough bread twice a week to feed the whole ZAD, a bicycle workshop, a skipped supermarket which seems never to run out, a kitchens collective, an internet cafe, loads of chickens, herb gardens, treehouses, and, of course, vegetables.”


The usual wicked underground music will be on also with:



Plug your ear to that dude!


Alternative Mania #17: The ZAD in France

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France oh! Douce Franceeuuu lalalla, we are travelling there tonight folks. Our guest is involved in an autonomous community space in the north-west of France, in a area called now the ZAD. This rural area had abandoned farms, houses and forest now being occupied by people. How do they live? What is the story of the place? Now they are actually organising resistance to defend their homes against a construction plan part of the massive expansion of the so-called «ecometropole» of the grand-ouest by the government. All the residents of this area are threatened to be evicted: locals, farmers, forests..

Here is an extract from INDYMEDIA:

“A community fights on against the invasion of the bulldozer empire…

And as the empire grows, the community must also grow, and look for those to join the fight…

For a rural area of farms, fields, houses, marshlands and forests, 25 km north of the city of Nantes, France, a storm cloud has been gathering for over 40 years. As an integral part of the massive expansion of the so-called «ecometropole» of the grand-ouest, the local government has been buying up an area of over 1000 hectares to make way for the construction of a so-called «high quality environmental project» – a new airport, highway bypass and tgv train line. This zone is officially known as the ZAD, «Zone d’Amenegment Differè» and by us who resist as the «Zone A Defendre».

Since the announcement of the plans, local residents and farmers have organised their resistence through petitions, demonstrations, tractor occupations and blockades. In spring and autumn ’09, the area was in a state of military guard, as 150 military cops were sent out to protect machines involved in the early works of core drilling and soil sampling. This is not a normal course of action; rather it was the response of the local government to acts of sabotage that occurred earlier on during the works.

In September 2009, after a climate camp, a call was made to occupy the abandoned houses and threatened areas of the ZAD, with support of local people in resistance to the airport.

This call has been answered. Already there are some 13 occupied areas in the ZAD, including empty farmhouses, caravans on abandoned land, forests and collective gardens. On July 15th 2010, authorities delivered papers to 5 occupied areas, warning the occupiers that they should vacate these places by the 30th july or face legal proceedings and evictions. Earlier that day, an agreement was signed by 5 unimportant bureaucrats to finance the construction of the airport. On 29th july, about 40 people occupied the council offices in Nantes. The next day it was made public that the multinational construction company vinci had been awarded the contract to build the airport.

Already the first works have begun on the Barreau Routier, a highway bypass being built to serve the airport. In August the city of Nantes made public their search for a security company to be on constant guard on the construction sites and areas around the ZAD.

But we won’t be moved so easily. Busily growing food to support us over the next few years, looking for further areas that are to be occupied and defended when the time comes. If you have your own project to contribute, like setting up a new space, garden, ideas for taking action, or any other useful resources or unusual talents, even better. We are encouraging people to try and be as self sufficient as possible within this space, as well as wanting to be inspired to become part of this ever growing struggle against the machine of progress.

If you can’t come to visit us, maybe you feel the need to visit some sites or offices of vinci in your area…

Wishlist/ ideas of stuff to bring along…bicycles and trailers, tarps, tools, building and barricading materials, climbing materials, computer and technical skills, wheelbarrows, rope of all kinds, books, vans/trucks, media ressources, ideas, inspiration, fighting energy, dentists, donkeys and dragons… ”

Get to know about it On-Air tonight or on Sunday for the rerun at 5pm.


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Alternative Mania #15

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Hi everyone,

Tonight the light is on an autonomous active space in Xania, Creta: “The Rosa Nera”.

I discovered the place at one of the Cafe that take place every Thursday in Old Harbour, port in Xania. Then I went to one of the open meeting the next week to ask them if they would like to talk about the story of “The Rosa Nera” and explain the aim and activities of the space. They agreed and so AM is proud and happy to bring this little report to you!

P.S to The Rosa Nera: I apologize if anything is wrong in this report while the show. Let me know and I will rectify here and On Air at the next show.




*You can download it for up to 3month from the date of the show. Available on request.

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