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Alternative Maniax Show #44: About Possible Alternative Solutions to the Anti-Squat Law that are coming in the UK and for the general housing crisis hapening everywhere in the world

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We had technical problems last Thursday and we couldn’t transmit the show On-Air so will do today! We talked for almost 2 hours, very interesting.

You can download the all interview at the bottom of that page if you wish.

Check the previous post for links and details about this anti-squat law coming in the UK and the general housing crisis.

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Alternative Maniax Show #43: About Possible Alternative Solutions to the Anti-Squat Law that are coming in the UK and for the general housing crisis hapening everywhere in the world

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Our special reporter is somehow part of the alternative scene and underground contemporary culture herself. So she obviously can meet a big diversity of people involved in what is our interest here 😀

She is been to an open music night called “Sunday Sound”. It is a nomad open mic and this night it was settled between the abandoned huge Heygate estates buildings. She said this night was wonderful and the place very original.

This picture shows exactly the place where the night was performed:

Check this link out if you like to know more about the story of this abandoned estate which has been sold now to developers:

There is an autonomous garden there with loads of place, and the stage was placed between the four big trees outside. Very magical!
That night, our reporter met Dory.

Dory is a former mortgage broker turned stand up comedian. She’s passionate about property development, design and architecture. On her third visit to London she met some squatters who hosted her for three weeks. It was there she wrote The Alternative to Squatting; A Property Development Proposal.

She feels the housing crisis can be solved and that there are enough empty buildings in London to house everyone.

She’s been in three documentary films on the subject of squatting. The most recent one will air on iTV in mid September

Our reporter and her exchanged ideas, thoughts, good feelings and agreed on sharing those ideas on a radio show right here with you guys 😀

Here is more link and quotes about this Anti Squat Law in the UK:

The amendment states that making squatting in residential building a criminal offence will “end the misery of home-owners whose properties have been preyed on by squatters”. However strong legislation already exists to protect residents from having their home squatted. Last month 160 leading legal figures wrote an open letter which was published in The Guardian explaining that under Section 7 of the Criminal Law Act 1977 it is already a criminal offence to squat someone’s home. 2

SQUASH spokesperson Paul Reynolds, said:

“ The governent is ignoring the results of its own consultation which shows that the criminalisation of squatting in empty residential properties will do nothing to protect residents who are already protected by strong legislation. This amendment will criminalise the homeless in the middle of a housing crisis who use squatting as the last remaining option to keep a roof over their heads.”

John Mcdonnell, MP for Hayes and Harlington said:

“By trying to sneak this amendment through the back door the government are attempting to bypass democracy. There were over 2,200 responses to the consultation on squatting so there is no way the government could have acknowledged all the evidence”.

  2. SQUASH were founded in the early 90â€Čs; the last time the Tories tried to criminalise squatting. SQUASH re-formed in the face of the latest threat to squatting. There are 700,000 empty properties across the UK: From 2009 Empty Homes Figures: A new report done by Crisis highlights the link between squatting and homelessness: Photos can be used from the SQUASH Flickr page:

Click later on the link at the bottom of this post to download the show.If the link is not working, just leave us a quick email we will forward it to you!

The usual independent wicked music will be heard.

Here is a taste:


Savannah Pryor

Acid Reign



Alternative Maniax Show #41: Independent Music Only!

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Summer is here! YOUPI 😀

So hot today in London city, hope you enjoy the play list of tonight guys: it’s groovy, jumpy and it’s all independent!

Check this out:


Beans On Toast

The Jouby’s




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Alternative Maniax show #39: Alternative Festival; alternative self healing technique and reincarnation

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Our exclusive reposrter and presenter went to a quite unconventional festival. She’ll bring up the report tonight! She is been to many workshop, discovering some technique related to spiritual development and self healing technique. Get some tips about it tonight.

Here is some interested link about the technique about self healing she experienced:

Here it is for the music:



Caravan Palace



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News About Squatting in the UK: Squatting is made criminal

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Squatting is still legal in England and Wales but it will soon be a criminal offence to squat in a residential building. Same as Netherlands, it looks like the law is a demonisation of the poor because it is punishing the squatters under the public excuse that squatters are occupying non-abandoned houses (there is as bad squatters as tenants or owners obviously) and they are not punishing owners for leaving their properties empty for decades while thousands of people are struggling to have a decent affordable house to live in.

Here is the report of Squash (Squatters’ actions for secure homes) for more explanations:

So have they banned squatting already?

This post should clarify for anyone confused about where the laws around squatting are right now. The law is currently still the same: it is not a criminal offence to squat a building, it is a civil offence with no risk of conviction for the act of squatting itself.

The House of Lords, on 28th March, during their debates on the clause to criminalise squatting, agreed with the Government to make it a criminal offence to squat in residential buildings. However, the definition of residential buildings is vague, so it could possibly come to include non-residential buildings once enforced. This will be clarified by legal challenges that groups such as the Advisory Service for Squatters and Squash will pursue in the coming months, and by the legal precedent set by the first criminal trials of people for squatting. This is currently what they define as a residential building:

(a) “building” includes any structure or part of a structure (including a temporary or moveable structure), and

(b) a building is “residential” if it is designed or adapted, before the time of entry, for use as a place to live

This Clause is a part of the Legal Aid Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Bill and is yet to receive Royal Assent, this is likely to happen on the 9th May. Royal Assent means the Monarch formally approves and promulgates an act of her nation’s parliament, making it a law. After Royal Assent the Secretary of State must commence the law, but prior to commencement the Government must consult and prepare a number of organisations which will be affected by the change in law, these include: National Homeless Advice Service, Citizens Advice, Crisis, Association of Chief Police Officers, Local Authorities.

The consultation prior to commencement could take an unknown quantity of time, and the law will stay the same until it is completed. It is important that this information is understood and that the current law is the only law enforced by Police.

If you are organising and preparing for the coming criminalisation of squatting get in touch with local anti eviction networks and squatter networks, here are but a few: Bristol Housing Action Movement, Squatters Network of Brighton (and Hove actually, Squattastic, North East London Squatters Network, South London Squatters Network, OKasional Cafe, Autonomous London, Kebele, Squatter’s Legal Network. Please get in touch if you have details of more active networks.

If you need legal advice contact the Advisory Service for Squatters – 020 3216 0099

Squatters Network of Brighton (and Hove actually) have called a Squatters Convergence in Brighton Thurs 17th – Sun 20th May 2012, this is a good place to share information and to strengthen networks and resilience.

Whatever they say squatting will stay!

Here it is for the little report, we will keep you in touch whenever the law is activated or not.




Alternative Maniax show #34: Alternative services exchanging; local communities currency; DIY tips

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☁I am siiiiinging in da rain ☁

There is no water in the house I am living in so we’ve put some buckets under the rain pipes and connected it to the kitchen sink and toilets.. You can imagine how happy we are when it rains haha!

Tonight we’ll talk about services exchange via volunteering with the TimeBank concept:

; and we’ll see how the local community of Brixton created its own currency: some other ways to improve the local communities through autonomy, independence and skill exchanging!

About the sound:



Smogs & Tacos

Dresden Dolls

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Alternative Maniax Show #32: The house in the park is waiting for the eviction; tips and a small storie about dumpster diving; independent music

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Hya everyone,

Hope you feel the creative spirit of this Spring 2012. Hope the regeneration of all things is getting a positive influence on you and your business!

Let’s get going with the news about the house in the park. We went to the court and we lost. We talked to the manager head chief of the Park. We are now waiting for a sign of them… What is legally happening after you have lost your case?


Babuci Emlékzenekar

Andrew Best

Laura Tabourin

Broken Tongues

Gina’s a dead model

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