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Altenative Maniax #47: The Combe Haven Defenders

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So who are the Combe Haven Defenders? What is it that they are defending? What is happening there?
Well, it seems that a big road construction plan has been threatening the wildlife of the Combe Haven forest in Bexhill town…
But the locals and other nature lovers are not ready to surrender! They are ready to fight in their own ways and grab their chance to maybe save the place they love! Barricades, spikes, tunnels, sitting on top of the trees, all methods and strategies are welcome!

Check the official website for more legal and technical information:


“We are local people, determined to prevent the environmentally disastrous white-elephant that is the “Bexhill-Hastings Link Road” from devastating one of Hastings’ and Bexhill’s most amazing natural treasure. We demand an affordable, sustainable transport system for our area, that improves the quality of all our lives without costing the earth.”

MORE LINKS about the Combe Haven Forest:
New road protest
Combe Haven Defenders




The Protest

“After hearing the Combe Haven Defenders call for a halt to destructive road-building, Peter and Martin Poole discuss the effectiveness of protest.”

“We were there to support them and tell them why this valley is the most important heritage site in the UK with national and international importance. This is the line inthe sand for the road protest movement. If the road builders will not look at our evidence for a World Heritage Site they will build roads everywhere and nothing can stop them – find out how to here.”

“Environmental campaigners explain why they are protesting against the building of a link road between Bexhill and Hastings across the East Sussex countryside. The protesters secure themselves to tree houses, road obstacles and tunnels using locks and concrete before being evicted by police. The new £86m road will be more than three miles long.” By Laurence Topham

We will have a guest to talk about his own experience as a Combe Haven Defender and most generally to testimony on his alternative lifestyle choices

And for the MUSIC of tonight:

China Shop Bull



The Mohawk Lodge

Savannah (free download)


Slant current band w o logo

And many more!

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Alternative Maniax show #35

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A friend of mine is pregnant, and she was talking to me about how she was combining sound and colour therapy along side with auto-hypnosis to prepare her body to contractions and try to minimise (or erase) the pain.

She didn’t know I would repeat you everything tonight! We’ll discover together what is the sound therapy, and the next show will be dedicated to alternative medicine such as colour therapy or hypnosis.

Science is slowly discovering and improving those therapies that were already known and well-used  since millions of years by tribes and different cultures around the world as Buddhism with the music healing bowl for example. They knew the power the sound can have on the human body and mind and they were using it while healing ceremonies.

There is many ways to heal yourself and we feel here that one doesn’t necessary need to spend so much money on specialists and medication to have access to many different alternative medicine and eventually auto-heal oneself.

Links about Sound therapy

To Read

About Sound therapy in the UK, by the Guardian/The Observer

About BioWaves Sound Therapy

The History on using Sound as therapy

To Listen

About BioWaves Sound Therapy

Here it is for the music of the night, new artists to discover!

Dangerous Dinky aka Dirty South

Diaphragm failure



DOWNLOAD THE SHOW (3month available from this date)

Alternative Maniax Radio Show #25: To Squat, to occupy

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Hi everyone!

We have a testimony for you tonight: Peg use to squat and he’s also actually living in the ZAD, an autonomous active space in Nantes, France.

It’s been 40 years that the old and new residents are fighting against the airport project which is supposed to take place where so many people are living for so many years. They plan to evict people from their houses and lands. The resistance is still on. They call out for help by occupying and defend the place: the more people it will be the best it is! Just click on the link to their website for more information!

“The resistance is growing. Since Plane Stupid last visited the ZAD (Zone a Defendre – the proposed site of the airport), the number of occupied spaces has rocketed from one to about 16. In fact, no one seems entirely sure how many people are now living here, preparing for battle: all that is certain is that it is growing constantly and people are prepared to put up a big fight. Together with those set to lose their homes and land, activists from across France and the world have been taking over sites bought up by the council to make way for the airport, and transforming them into living examples of the world they want to live in. There’s a bakery, which turns out enough bread twice a week to feed the whole ZAD, a bicycle workshop, a skipped supermarket which seems never to run out, a kitchens collective, an internet cafe, loads of chickens, herb gardens, treehouses, and, of course, vegetables.”


The usual wicked underground music will be on also with:



Plug your ear to that dude!


Alternative Maniax Radio Show #24: Independent sound to discover

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A quick remind on the “anti-squat” law via SQUASH.

More music yes we love it! Especially when it’s unknown…and INDIE! Self-produced and published, autonomous 🙂

Send us an email if you are a musician and that you got some tunes to share! You will hear it On-Air.

Mister Djull Lludj is still on tonight with some wicked new tunes and more artists like The Quadrilles, Soophie Nun Squad or UHT.

Spotlight on FINGATHING. A piano, a double-bass and some turntable: they are back with their fourth LP ‘Undead’. Some tracks are available for free download, just check it out.

After the self released ‘Apocalypso’ ep the boys took time out to spread artistic wings and remind themselves why they were doing what they were doing in the first place.

Tonight we will listen songs from their previous album “SuperHeroe” and one song from the new LP!!

And Yan with his new band.

Stay Tuuuuned!



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