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Alternative Maniax Show #44: About Possible Alternative Solutions to the Anti-Squat Law that are coming in the UK and for the general housing crisis hapening everywhere in the world

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We had technical problems last Thursday and we couldn’t transmit the show On-Air so will do today! We talked for almost 2 hours, very interesting.

You can download the all interview at the bottom of that page if you wish.

Check the previous post for links and details about this anti-squat law coming in the UK and the general housing crisis.

DOWNLOAD THE WHOLE INTERVIEW (Available from the 2nd of August til the 2nd of October)

CLICK HERE TO LISTEN every Thursday from 9pm and Sunday from 5pm*

*UK time


Alternative Maniax show #33: About squatting in Europe

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Hyaaaaaa FOLKS!

How’s it going? Enjoying the good rain showers of April? Dunno why I always talk about the weather it is outside … Well.

Here is a taste of the weather of tonight anyway eh!

Savannah Pryor

Shunda K


Easily Embarrassed

We will do a quick resume about squatting in Europe as well. Get to know the rules!



Alternative Maniax show #29: Independent Music; about squat eviction

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Yawn… Yawn… Yawn…

Aaaaaaaaa I haven’t slept that night and I am just trying to decide weither I’ll sleep now or not at all before the show…

This morning I was at my first court case hearing, regarding the abandoned house I am occupying at the moment with my friends. I got to know more about it while building our defence with ASS (Advisory Service For Squatters), getting tips from anyone and everything. Will share this with you guys tonight. I will start to volunteering there as well so will get you more and more tips about alternative housing!

And as usual, the same wicked, awesome underground musical discoveries:

Beans on Toast

Soophie Nun Squad



And more and more and more 😀


Alternative Maniax Radio Show #24: Independent sound to discover

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A quick remind on the “anti-squat” law via SQUASH.

More music yes we love it! Especially when it’s unknown…and INDIE! Self-produced and published, autonomous 🙂

Send us an email if you are a musician and that you got some tunes to share! You will hear it On-Air.

Mister Djull Lludj is still on tonight with some wicked new tunes and more artists like The Quadrilles, Soophie Nun Squad or UHT.

Spotlight on FINGATHING. A piano, a double-bass and some turntable: they are back with their fourth LP ‘Undead’. Some tracks are available for free download, just check it out.

After the self released ‘Apocalypso’ ep the boys took time out to spread artistic wings and remind themselves why they were doing what they were doing in the first place.

Tonight we will listen songs from their previous album “SuperHeroe” and one song from the new LP!!

And Yan with his new band.

Stay Tuuuuned!



Alternative Maniax Radio Show #23: Independent Music Discoveries

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Hi everyone,

Tonight sounds like an exciting music discoveries party folks!

Soophie Nun Squad

Radio Revolucion

Easily Embarrassed



And more!




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