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Altenative Maniax #46: About Dumpster Diving

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Here we go again, talking about getting food from the bins ah!
The common name for this activity is dumpster diving, known as “skipping” in the United Kingdom.


So how does it work? Why do people get dirty to get their food? Don’t they get sick? Are they desperate? What kind of people is doing it? Is it legal in their country? What kind of food or goods do you find?
(Found in a dumpster in Sweden, check it out here:

Well, this next show coming is going to give you some more informations about it.

Video documentary about Dumpster Diving:



Articles about Dumpster Diving:

What about the music tonight ? We got 2 new artists from the UK, plus the usual wicked underground playlist of exclusively independent musicians 😀
Have a look:

Lottie Day


The LockSmith


CLICK HERE TO LISTEN ON-AIR tonight from 7pm


Alternative Maniax Show #43: About Possible Alternative Solutions to the Anti-Squat Law that are coming in the UK and for the general housing crisis hapening everywhere in the world

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Our special reporter is somehow part of the alternative scene and underground contemporary culture herself. So she obviously can meet a big diversity of people involved in what is our interest here 😀

She is been to an open music night called “Sunday Sound”. It is a nomad open mic and this night it was settled between the abandoned huge Heygate estates buildings. She said this night was wonderful and the place very original.

This picture shows exactly the place where the night was performed:

Check this link out if you like to know more about the story of this abandoned estate which has been sold now to developers:

There is an autonomous garden there with loads of place, and the stage was placed between the four big trees outside. Very magical!
That night, our reporter met Dory.

Dory is a former mortgage broker turned stand up comedian. She’s passionate about property development, design and architecture. On her third visit to London she met some squatters who hosted her for three weeks. It was there she wrote The Alternative to Squatting; A Property Development Proposal.

She feels the housing crisis can be solved and that there are enough empty buildings in London to house everyone.

She’s been in three documentary films on the subject of squatting. The most recent one will air on iTV in mid September

Our reporter and her exchanged ideas, thoughts, good feelings and agreed on sharing those ideas on a radio show right here with you guys 😀

Here is more link and quotes about this Anti Squat Law in the UK:

The amendment states that making squatting in residential building a criminal offence will “end the misery of home-owners whose properties have been preyed on by squatters”. However strong legislation already exists to protect residents from having their home squatted. Last month 160 leading legal figures wrote an open letter which was published in The Guardian explaining that under Section 7 of the Criminal Law Act 1977 it is already a criminal offence to squat someone’s home. 2

SQUASH spokesperson Paul Reynolds, said:

“ The governent is ignoring the results of its own consultation which shows that the criminalisation of squatting in empty residential properties will do nothing to protect residents who are already protected by strong legislation. This amendment will criminalise the homeless in the middle of a housing crisis who use squatting as the last remaining option to keep a roof over their heads.”

John Mcdonnell, MP for Hayes and Harlington said:

“By trying to sneak this amendment through the back door the government are attempting to bypass democracy. There were over 2,200 responses to the consultation on squatting so there is no way the government could have acknowledged all the evidence”.

  2. SQUASH were founded in the early 90â€Čs; the last time the Tories tried to criminalise squatting. SQUASH re-formed in the face of the latest threat to squatting. There are 700,000 empty properties across the UK: From 2009 Empty Homes Figures: A new report done by Crisis highlights the link between squatting and homelessness: Photos can be used from the SQUASH Flickr page:

Click later on the link at the bottom of this post to download the show.If the link is not working, just leave us a quick email we will forward it to you!

The usual independent wicked music will be heard.

Here is a taste:


Savannah Pryor

Acid Reign



Alternative Maniax show #29: Independent Music; about squat eviction

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Yawn… Yawn… Yawn…

Aaaaaaaaa I haven’t slept that night and I am just trying to decide weither I’ll sleep now or not at all before the show…

This morning I was at my first court case hearing, regarding the abandoned house I am occupying at the moment with my friends. I got to know more about it while building our defence with ASS (Advisory Service For Squatters), getting tips from anyone and everything. Will share this with you guys tonight. I will start to volunteering there as well so will get you more and more tips about alternative housing!

And as usual, the same wicked, awesome underground musical discoveries:

Beans on Toast

Soophie Nun Squad



And more and more and more 😀


Alternative Maniax Show #26: Independent Music

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Hi Folks!

Hope you enjoyed the snow of last Saturday night? I guess so by seeing all those snow totem everywhere!

Tonight, a all bunch of new artist are invading the show:

The new generation of French Hip Hop, 0800:

Kate Tempest

Beans On Toast

And many others! You lucky 🙂


Listen the Show on Myspace :D

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New Flyer!

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Alternative Maniax Radio Show #19: Autonomous green spaces//Music self-production

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Hi Folks!

There’s loads of empty or abandoned green spaces in the city if you look around: between towers blocks, along the sidewalks, down your council house.. It is usually the local councils which are taking care about it… How about you could choose the plants and trees you like? How about you could even have eatable fruits and vegetables down your blocks, next to the parking?

Christina is the guest of this night and she thought about it. She was involved in green projects before and she’s presenting the “Bend A Knee Plant A tree” this year.

She is also a musician and she is actually recording original tracks. What is her opinion and experiment about self-producing.
On the mic: A.
New artists in the mix tonight: Russell Bond. If you would like to contact him:
See you on ON-AIR!
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