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Alternative Maniax Show #41: Independent Music Only!

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Summer is here! YOUPI 😀

So hot today in London city, hope you enjoy the play list of tonight guys: it’s groovy, jumpy and it’s all independent!

Check this out:


Beans On Toast

The Jouby’s




DOWNLOAD THE SHOW (available from the 1st of August 2012 to 1st October 2012, you can ask the file via email after that!)

Alternative Maniax #28: Independent Music & Alternative Tips and Stories

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Olalala! What a warm and sunny day again! Trees and seeds are coming out with passion ha ha. The spring is early, and I hope you got to enjoy it.

Tonight we’ll have some new small stories and tips about squatting, and we’ll talk about an alternative way to be alive: the “breatharianisme”:

“A breatharian is a person who is nourished by light and has no need for food or drink. Breatharianism is within human potential, but for most it remains dormant. Those who feel drawn to living on light nourishment can activate this potential, but not said that it is an easy task.”

It looks like a big alternative to food to me! Here is a video documentary where you can get more details about it:!

As usual, some wicked new underground artists to listen:


Sua alteza o Vagabundo

Keny Arkana

Tune yourself!


Alternative Maniax Show #27: Independent Music + little stories about squatting

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The first day of SPRING my friend!!! It was almost 20 degrees in the sun today! Many people in tee-shirt, flies flying again, trees resurrection! So exciting. 😀

The show is also coming up with some fresh new sound. Check that:

Vladimir Bozar’n’ze Sheraf Orkestar

Von Magnet

Oai Star


And many others!

Two little stories about  😀


Alternative Maniax Radio Show #21: GROW IT YOURSELF! Sustainability and autonomous green community/spaces

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Jingle bell Jingle well, make this end of the year a funky tale!

Have you noticed the difference between a tomato from the supermarket in December and the one your grandma’ harvested in September in her garden? Gastronomy or the “organic market” knows the difference: that is why you have to pay the price nowadays to eat something tasty and nutritive. We know it is not everyone who can afford it.

Energy is some other really expensive matter for those who choose to pay. In other words, it is really expensive to depend on the system to have the most basics needs: water, food, electricity.

Our guest Merlyn Peter is here to share his experience in sustainability and permaculture. What is it? How can we be more autonomous in order to reduce the cost and waste of the energy we need?

Get some tips tonight, tune yourself on Optical radio

This show is the last of this year, Optical Radio is on vacancy.

The Alternative Maniax show is wishing you a happy autonomous end and beginning of the year 🙂 (dunno if it make sense? haha).


Alternative Maniax #13

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Dear listeners, readers;

Welcome back to the show!

On the mic: A.

Tonight we welcome Timéa. She is going to talk about what she is practising and teaching since many years now: TaïChi//QiGong. She believes in the healing power of this system of health care, used by Chinese physicians and doctors, martial artists and meditation adepts for over 5000 years.

She is now living in London. What about this autonomous healing technique?  Listen the show tonight or download it (soon available) if you are interested :).

You can find the artists and download some of the music of tonight in the previous posts.

See you next time on the 31 of August!


Skip & Squat Maniax Show#8

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Dear listeners,

Welcome to this new show!!

On the mic: A.

Tonight we have 2guests: Kevin & Marc.

Kevin used to have a conventional lifestyle. Then he was living on the street for 10 years before he decided to live in a different way without being homeless.

Marc used to rent and have many jobs to raise his family on the traditional mode. Then he met some people involved in some more alternative living and thinking.

Kevin and Marc discover a new way to think and see the world through a lifestyle which is still controversial for the conventional society and people.


Music of course. You can find all the songs you will listened tonight on the right side of the page 🙂



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