Altenative Maniax #46: About Dumpster Diving


Here we go again, talking about getting food from the bins ah!
The common name for this activity is dumpster diving, known as “skipping” in the United Kingdom.


So how does it work? Why do people get dirty to get their food? Don’t they get sick? Are they desperate? What kind of people is doing it? Is it legal in their country? What kind of food or goods do you find?
(Found in a dumpster in Sweden, check it out here:

Well, this next show coming is going to give you some more informations about it.

Video documentary about Dumpster Diving:



Articles about Dumpster Diving:

What about the music tonight ? We got 2 new artists from the UK, plus the usual wicked underground playlist of exclusively independent musicians 😀
Have a look:

Lottie Day


The LockSmith


CLICK HERE TO LISTEN ON-AIR tonight from 7pm

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