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Alternative Maniax #28: Independent Music & Alternative Tips and Stories

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Olalala! What a warm and sunny day again! Trees and seeds are coming out with passion ha ha. The spring is early, and I hope you got to enjoy it.

Tonight we’ll have some new small stories and tips about squatting, and we’ll talk about an alternative way to be alive: the “breatharianisme”:

“A breatharian is a person who is nourished by light and has no need for food or drink. Breatharianism is within human potential, but for most it remains dormant. Those who feel drawn to living on light nourishment can activate this potential, but not said that it is an easy task.”

It looks like a big alternative to food to me! Here is a video documentary where you can get more details about it:!

As usual, some wicked new underground artists to listen:


Sua alteza o Vagabundo

Keny Arkana

Tune yourself!



Alternative Maniax Show #27: Independent Music + little stories about squatting

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The first day of SPRING my friend!!! It was almost 20 degrees in the sun today! Many people in tee-shirt, flies flying again, trees resurrection! So exciting. 😀

The show is also coming up with some fresh new sound. Check that:

Vladimir Bozar’n’ze Sheraf Orkestar

Von Magnet

Oai Star


And many others!

Two little stories about  😀


Alternative Maniax Radio Show #25: To Squat, to occupy

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Hi everyone!

We have a testimony for you tonight: Peg use to squat and he’s also actually living in the ZAD, an autonomous active space in Nantes, France.

It’s been 40 years that the old and new residents are fighting against the airport project which is supposed to take place where so many people are living for so many years. They plan to evict people from their houses and lands. The resistance is still on. They call out for help by occupying and defend the place: the more people it will be the best it is! Just click on the link to their website for more information!

“The resistance is growing. Since Plane Stupid last visited the ZAD (Zone a Defendre – the proposed site of the airport), the number of occupied spaces has rocketed from one to about 16. In fact, no one seems entirely sure how many people are now living here, preparing for battle: all that is certain is that it is growing constantly and people are prepared to put up a big fight. Together with those set to lose their homes and land, activists from across France and the world have been taking over sites bought up by the council to make way for the airport, and transforming them into living examples of the world they want to live in. There’s a bakery, which turns out enough bread twice a week to feed the whole ZAD, a bicycle workshop, a skipped supermarket which seems never to run out, a kitchens collective, an internet cafe, loads of chickens, herb gardens, treehouses, and, of course, vegetables.”


The usual wicked underground music will be on also with:



Plug your ear to that dude!


Alternative Maniax #11

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Dears listeners and readers;

Welcome to this new show!

On the mic: A.

Hi folks, SSM is back in London with a fresh new guest: Jamie is coming from Scotland and he’s living now in England. I heard he spent some time in Australia also.. So as usual SSM will hassle him with questions, you will know everything!! I mean almost :).

And the famous SSM playlist:

The Awkwards

Lemonade Kangaroo-NEW FREE TUNES!!-

Andrew Best-NEW FREE TUNES!!-


Alternative Maniax Show#10

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Dear Listeners and readers;

Welcome to this new show!

On the mic: A.

You know from the last post that AM is still travelling in France, making interviews for you to have a look on the alternatice French side.

So tonight you will hear Tristana. Its been 5 years she’s working on a PHD dissertation which the subject is: “the wandering youth”. She started to work on the “risky behaviour” of hard drug addict youth.After 2 years she ended studying the youth who are living on the side of the conventional system, what the conventional system calls: non-integrated youth.

She discovered that these youth she was working with had the same kind of culture: they live in squats, they know the streets, they have their own symbole and they refuse a system which they don’t feel they can belong to.


SSM Playlist (see the list, right side)

PLUS 2 discoveries:

Selma Rosa




NB: Thanks again to Laura Tabourin who produced and translated this show from France.

Skip & Squat Maniax Show#9

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Dears listeners,

Welcome to this new show!

On the Mic: A.

This end of this month is going to be really exciting as SSM is actually travelling in France :). So if you want to know about the French alternative attitude, stay tuned!

You will hear two guests from Bordeaux in the south west of France: Baptiste and Guillaume, who welcomed me this week in their squat. Its been a while now they are living on the side of the conventional system. For them its not just about to survive, there is a philosophy behind their lifestyle and they are proud about it.

Music with a special S&SM selecta.

All artists you will listen are linked right there, most of them are free to download.

See you On Air!

Special THANKS to the engineer Laura Tabourin who produced and translated this show from France. She did a really good job and without her, your ears would have been REALLY unhappy.

NB: I am sorry as the quality of the sound On Air tonight was fucked up because of some technical mistakes. The file down there is a good quality.


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