Alternative Maniax show #35

A friend of mine is pregnant, and she was talking to me about how she was combining sound and colour therapy along side with auto-hypnosis to prepare her body to contractions and try to minimise (or erase) the pain.

She didn’t know I would repeat you everything tonight! We’ll discover together what is the sound therapy, and the next show will be dedicated to alternative medicine such as colour therapy or hypnosis.

Science is slowly discovering and improving those therapies that were already known and well-used  since millions of years by tribes and different cultures around the world as Buddhism with the music healing bowl for example. They knew the power the sound can have on the human body and mind and they were using it while healing ceremonies.

There is many ways to heal yourself and we feel here that one doesn’t necessary need to spend so much money on specialists and medication to have access to many different alternative medicine and eventually auto-heal oneself.

Links about Sound therapy

To Read

About Sound therapy in the UK, by the Guardian/The Observer

About BioWaves Sound Therapy

The History on using Sound as therapy

To Listen

About BioWaves Sound Therapy

Here it is for the music of the night, new artists to discover!

Dangerous Dinky aka Dirty South

Diaphragm failure



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