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Alternative Maniax Radio Show #21: GROW IT YOURSELF! Sustainability and autonomous green community/spaces

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Jingle bell Jingle well, make this end of the year a funky tale!

Have you noticed the difference between a tomato from the supermarket in December and the one your grandma’ harvested in September in her garden? Gastronomy or the “organic market” knows the difference: that is why you have to pay the price nowadays to eat something tasty and nutritive. We know it is not everyone who can afford it.

Energy is some other really expensive matter for those who choose to pay. In other words, it is really expensive to depend on the system to have the most basics needs: water, food, electricity.

Our guest Merlyn Peter is here to share his experience in sustainability and permaculture. What is it? How can we be more autonomous in order to reduce the cost and waste of the energy we need?

Get some tips tonight, tune yourself on Optical radio

This show is the last of this year, Optical Radio is on vacancy.

The Alternative Maniax show is wishing you a happy autonomous end and beginning of the year 🙂 (dunno if it make sense? haha).


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