Alternative Maniax Radio Show #19: Autonomous green spaces//Music self-production

Hi Folks!

There’s loads of empty or abandoned green spaces in the city if you look around: between towers blocks, along the sidewalks, down your council house.. It is usually the local councils which are taking care about it… How about you could choose the plants and trees you like? How about you could even have eatable fruits and vegetables down your blocks, next to the parking?

Christina is the guest of this night and she thought about it. She was involved in green projects before and she’s presenting the “Bend A Knee Plant A tree” this year.

She is also a musician and she is actually recording original tracks. What is her opinion and experiment about self-producing.
On the mic: A.
New artists in the mix tonight: Russell Bond. If you would like to contact him:
See you on ON-AIR!

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