Alternative Maniax Radio Show #18: About the “Anti-Squat” Law

Hi Folks,

Tonight, all you need to know about the anti-squat law coming in the UK via the information of 2 actives groups which are supporting and protecting the squatting scene and people: ASS and SQUASH.

Underground music night tonight yes! Weeee like it.

Get to know musicians whom are trying to share their music and make their way outside the mainstream. Independence and auto-production is possible even with small or no money, they are proving it!

So if you think you got some skills in music and would like to produce and perform, all you got to do is moving your ass really!

At first it doesn’t look like easy to do it for a living one will say. Are you going to stay in your bed because too bad you don’t have a 2 millions contract with a big company like the shiny stars we admire on the TV or gossip magazines?

It also depends of the cost of your living. If people like your music they might spend a little money to see you play or buy your CD. Then if they really like you and if you move your ass to get on stage  and spread your sound as much as possible you can everywhere in the world, they might just totally love you and queue to hear you play a music which is touching their heart 😀

Anyway it depends on what you are looking for through making music..

To wait, here is the awesome playlist of those amazing artists from the underground and independent music scene!

To hear on live click on “Listen On-Air” in the right column at the top.



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