Alternative Maniax Show#10

Dear Listeners and readers;

Welcome to this new show!

On the mic: A.

You know from the last post that AM is still travelling in France, making interviews for you to have a look on the alternatice French side.

So tonight you will hear Tristana. Its been 5 years she’s working on a PHD dissertation which the subject is: “the wandering youth”. She started to work on the “risky¬†behaviour” of hard drug addict youth.After 2 years she ended studying the youth who are living on the side of the conventional system, what the conventional system calls: non-integrated youth.

She discovered that these youth she was working with had the same kind of culture: they live in squats, they know the streets, they have their own symbole and they refuse a system which they don’t feel they can belong to.


SSM Playlist (see the list, right side)

PLUS 2 discoveries:

Selma Rosa




NB: Thanks again to Laura Tabourin who produced and translated this show from France.

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