Skip & Squat Maniax Show#9

Dears listeners,

Welcome to this new show!

On the Mic: A.

This end of this month is going to be really exciting as SSM is actually travelling in France :). So if you want to know about the French alternative attitude, stay tuned!

You will hear two guests from Bordeaux in the south west of France: Baptiste and Guillaume, who welcomed me this week in their squat. Its been a while now they are living on the side of the conventional system. For them its not just about to survive, there is a philosophy behind their lifestyle and they are proud about it.

Music with a special S&SM selecta.

All artists you will listen are linked right there, most of them are free to download.

See you On Air!

Special THANKS to the engineer Laura Tabourin who produced and translated this show from France. She did a really good job and without her, your ears would have been REALLY unhappy.

NB: I am sorry as the quality of the sound On Air tonight was fucked up because of some technical mistakes. The file down there is a good quality.


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