Skip & Squat Maniax Show#6

Dears listeners and readers,

Welcome to this new show!

On the Mic: A.


Tonight we receive Atilla as the guest of the week. He is no going through traditional ways to get home and food and he is actually living on his new boat in London, which he is building in the same time. Why did he choose  not to have a conventional lifestyle? Hows the life cost on a boat?

Also, S&SM found out that some residents on the canal were quite angry against British Waterways before the olympics. From the Guardian:

-“Houseboat residents near the Olympic development site in east London are accusing British Waterways of an attempt at “social cleansing”. They say proposed changes to rules for living on the canals before the 2012 Games could force hundreds of people from their water-based homes. […]Under the new proposals, people using a continuous cruising licence would not be allowed to spend more than 61 days in a year in each of six designated neighbourhoods across 40 miles of canal network, and they would be forced to move to a different neighbourhood every 14 days.”

What does he think about it? How’s life with the British waterways since the olympics?

Listen the show if you want to know!

Music with:

Mike Baker the Bike Maker !!new solo mixtape!!

The Sirens

See you On Air!


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