Skip & Squat Maniax Show#4

Dears listeners and readers,

Welcome to this new show.

On the mic: El and A.


-Spotlight on an active space in London, UK:

The Pogo Café, named Top Ten Veg restaurant in the UK by (May 2010), and approved by The London Vegetarian Guide 2005:”The best cakes & cheesecakes in london” ,  aim to be an “autonomous  non-hierarchical 100% vegan space run completely by volunteers.”: What else do they have to offer to the local communities? How do they manage to deal between alternative and legacy?

-Download the playlist for FREE:

Shunda K

Alana Joy

See you On Air!

NOTE: The F***** advert down there is a spam, I don’t promote them at all. I send a report to WordPress and I am waiting to find how to get rid of it.

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